Boston Strong

Boston Marathon was always a big event, but this time it was not just the marathon. It was about being strong and showing respect and strength of the Boston.

Boston Strong was the slogan that kept all the runners motivated and run with push from all those people who came there and cheer the runners for being strong and running this year.

Words divide us, actions unite us.
-Slogan of the Tupamaros

boston strong


Boston Park where every Little Space is filled with joy!

Today was an amazing day where I was able to meet people and ask them to share their smile for my camera. Meeting a stranger and giving them a a chance to photograph is just yes for them . But for me it was joy and happiness captured.

(Tim just proposed Annie – I dint even knew these beautiful couple before this moment)

This looked so amazing to me, as I saw this from far away and it felt like the moment I don’t mind if i needed permission before I click this image. Then I went ahead and made these Pictures. It was so amazing, the wind was blowing and as he proposed to her I felt she said yes with all that joy in her face. It felt like I was watching the Disney Movie, most people plan so much and this guy was just doing it b himself and I felt I was there for him to cherish this moment forever. Then I got some courage as I saw them happy and I approached them to make some more pictures. Tim and Annie congrats to you both and I wish you guys a Happy New Life ahead. I will never forget you guy as this was one of my best moments in my life.

Then I was able to make more pictures which I will be sharing in my Website soon.


DSC_2788 DSC_2793 DSC_2834 Pantea calif long

Boston Public Garden @night

It was a about to rain when I first thought of making a trip to the Boston Common and Public Garden to do some night photography. With clouds passing so fast and no sign of rain I reached the Garden.
Once you enter you see this magnificent equestrian statue of George Washington, which was the second monument to arrive in the Boston Public Garden.washington statue bw

Many people walk by this every day not knowing that this was the second statue to be kept in Boston. Here I have found some more about and wrote it down for those who might want to know the little things.

This was done by Thomas Ball, a little-known sculptor from Charlestown, who received the commission in 1857. He got the commission after the first choice died. Ball worked single-handedly on the plaster cast for four years, mixing the plaster a bucket at a time.The piece could not be cast until after the Civil War because bronze was needed for the war effort.On July 3, 1869, the statue was unveiled in a grand ceremony with a thirteen-gun salute. It was a moment of intense local pride. A poor Charlestown boy had sculpted the statue, Boston masons had raised the granite base, and a Massachusetts foundry had successfully cast the giant piece.

Such a beautiful Sculptor and such a beautiful garden, if you have time go by and see the swan boats which start for spring soon.

Thanks for reading,

yours I’am Nash